Neuropype Nodes

Here you will find the full documentation for all the nodes included with the current Neuropype release.

For each node you will find:

  • Node description
  • Node ports: used to send data to a node or set runtime properties on a node:
  • Node data ports (receiving/sending data, these are ports of DataPort type)
  • Node property ports (for configuring the node, these are ports of type BoolPort, ListPort, StringPort, DictPort, EnumPort, etc.)

Nodes are grouped into modules/packages (which is also how they are shown in Pipeline Designer).

Select a Package on the left to see the Nodes in that Package and each one's documentation.

You can also write your own Nodes (see Developer Reference), which you can add to the built-in Packages by simply adding them to the corresponding folder (under neuropype\nodes in your Neuropype installation, or create your own package by creating a new folder under neuropype\nodes in your Neuropype installation.