Advanced biosignal processing made simple.

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NeuroPype is a powerful platform for real-time brain-computer interfacing (BCI), neuroimaging, and neural signal processing, which supports a range of biosignal modalities including EEG, fNIRS, ExG, etc.

The NeuroPype Suite is a collection of applications that includes NeuroPype, an open-source visual pipeline designer, and tools for interfacing with diverse sensor hardware, recording data, and other functions.

NeuroPype Subscription Plans



Hundreds of processing components for advanced brain-machine interfacing and neural/bio signal analysis, including noise removal, ERP and spectral analysis, spatial and temporal filtering, 3D brain mapping and connectivity, statistics, neural state classification using machine learning, cardiac signal analysis (heart rate and HRV, respiration rate, etc.), gaze detection and classification, and much more.


Design pipelines using Pipeline Designer, an open-source “drag and drop” visual dataflow programming environment based on the excellent Orange application. Link in real-time data visualizations to monitor the state of your pipelines.


New to neurotechnology? Select from a library of pre-built pipelines for common biosignal processing and BCI use cases. Customized for out of the box use, these are continually updated by our research scientists to reflect the latest published research and methods.


Leverage algorithms optimized for real-time use. Ideal for closed-loop neurofeedback, neuroimaging, and brain-computer interface applications. Modify and customize your pipelines "on the fly" while seamlessly streaming data.


NeuroPype employs a Python-based modular architecture which decouples processing engine, workflows, and graphics. Add your own algorithms to NeuroPype and share workflows between collaborators.


NeuroPype interfaces seamlessly with the free and open source Lab Streaming Layer, supporting data I/O with most consumer and research EEG hardware and over 22 other device classes.

Deploy on Cloud

Design and test pipelines on your local PC. Then deploy on the NeuroScale cloud API platform for real-time streaming to any internet-connected device.*
*Requires NeuroScale account and NeuroPype Enterprise Edition


Includes the source code of sample NeuroPype processing functions (“nodes”) along with comprehensive API documentation to help you develop your own nodes based on your own algorithms or functions.

Deploy your pypes on NeuroScale for real-time access on any Internet-connected device

More Signal. Less Noise.​

Remove unwanted artifacts in real-time using NeuroPype’s automated artifact rejection algorithms. Obtain clean EEG signals while removing artifacts due to eye and head movement, facial muscle activity, power line noise, and other common sources of interference.

Real-Time Brain Mapping

Leverage pipelines for real-time EEG neuroimaging and brain connectivity analysis. Develop advanced neurofeedback paradigms targeting specific brain regions and networks.

Control Things With Your Mind

Harness active BCI control, including multi modal inputs, using standard motor imagery paradigms, or build your own paradigm from dozens of feature extraction and machine learning approaches.

Accelerate Your R&D

Quickly build and apply workflows using NeuroPype's comprehensive algorithm library. Share workflows between collaborators. Missing something? No problem, you can readily add your own algorithms to NeuroPype’s modular Python framework.

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